5 key things to consider before choosing a Software Outsourcing Partner

While Hiring a software outsourcing partner, there are some key points to consider before choosing them as your long-term software outsourcing partner. It’s similar to finding a contractor to build you a mansion, you need to tick some checks before handing them your resources and of course some dollars. This is an investment that should be worth every penny and to help you figure out while you hand over your development to some offshore development agency.

Software development outsourcing is effective as it helps your business grow while you focus on core competencies. Businesses that consider outsourcing are always profitable since they are cutting down many processes of hiring, developing, managing, and firing. Businesses cannot just take a leap of faith on any offshore agency, they need to consider at least these 5 things before choosing a software outsourcing partner.

As a Software outsourcing company, with 95% repeat clients, we will provide you with brief points you should keep in mind before choosing a software partner.

1. Industry Expertise

When you need to choose a medical doctor for your specific illness, how do you choose it? You check their experience level, specialization, review, and feedback from previous patients and then you come to the conclusion to get yourself treated by that doctor. This is how while choosing a software development company, you need to find the best from all options. There are a lot of companies running globally but only the best ones handle the workforce professionally and provide data-driven solutions.

For example, if you need the services of Salesforce then you need to find specialists in this field. While going through multiple companies’ websites you need to find their Salesforce technical capacity listed on one website. When you deal with a company that has similar experience they have domain knowledge and technical expertise in the field.

2. Cost Efficiency

Budgeting is one of the most important factors when it comes to outsourcing. When you transition from physical to virtual setup, you have a lot more cost-effective options. That doesn’t necessarily mean choosing cheap options over companies catering enterprise solutions. By going for offshore development, you are already saving tons of time and money but it doesn’t mean going beyond the specific rate.

You are paying for the skills and resources you’re getting from the firm against the pay rate. No company with a concrete structure and skilled professionals would provide services for free or cheap. Although, companies in Europe or America will charge three times more than companies in i.e Asia. It is a fact that hiring software development companies can save you a lot of budgets and increase the productivity of your company.

3. Communication

Communication plays a vital role while dealing with offshore development companies. It is very important to check the language proficiency of the company you are hiring. Software projects usually are long terms and require constant communication back and forth between 2 parties. There will obviously be time zone differences with your partner, given it is offshore engagement.

Software companies often provide partial overlap that usually works in your favor. If a software company provides you with the 2-3 hour overlap despite a 12 hour time difference then it means that they are going above and beyond for you. If there is a lack of communication between offshore development companies and clients then the process will be slowed down and development issues will be caused.

4. Reviews and Feedback

Before ordering a dress or anything online, we tend to crawl the website of the seller and check for feedback. There is a high chance that you won’t buy something online if you don’t find a review on the site. Feedback or testimonials on the website display the authenticity of the company and provide personalized proof to future clients about their experience with certain offshore development companies.

5. Proof of Concept

Software outsourcing companies with proper setup and experience in hand can easily pass any test and this is exactly what you need from them. Ask core questions in initial conversations, ask about their setup, their mechanism, their technical knowledge regarding your project. You need a business partner who understands and adapts to whatever change you require. They should also bring innovation to the concept so you should provide them with space.