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AURUM Fit offers personalized high-intensity strength training, fueled by data-driven precision. With exclusive studio rooms booked through their app, you get personal space and a dedicated assistant. Their 6-minute workouts focus on efficiency and impact, thanks to personalized routines guided by data and algorithms. Plus, you get a personal coach who provides post-training workouts through the app.
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Data-driven high-intensity strength training (HIT)
The core of AURUM Fit's services uses data and algorithms that create personalized workouts tailored to each individual's fitness goals and needs.
Personal coach
Each AURUM Fit member gets a personal coach for guidance and support throughout their fitness journey. The coaches answer questions, provide motivation, and track progress.
6-minute workouts
AURUM Fit offers 6-minute high-intensity workouts, designed to be short and efficient.
Project requirements

AURUM Fit specifically approached us to build an app for the coaches/trainers. In which the requirements were as follows:

  • To create a seamless user experience enabling coaches to navigate customer training and analysis data effortlessly. It would facilitate personalized post-training recommendations, enhancing the overall coaching process.
  • The coaches' app had to be designed with specific functionalities. It included allowing coaches to efficiently manage their franchise's customer data, schedule tasks for them, and keep track of upcoming appointments.
  • To address the concern of data privacy, we had to implement a system where coaches could access customer data exclusively within their franchise. It ensured strict data segregation, aligning with the client's requirements and protecting customer privacy.
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Our Approach

Our approach emphasized the initial focus on User Interface/Design, allowing AURUM Fit to envision the final product and ensuring a well-defined project scope. Collaborative design finalization paved the way for Agile Sprints during development, enabling iterative feedback and efficient issue resolution. This approach led to a seamlessly intuitive coaching app that significantly contributed to AURUM Fit's expansion across borders, escalating sales, and heightened customer engagement.

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Project success

Our strategic collaboration with the AURUM Fit team yielded remarkable results. We prioritized UI/Design and adopted an agile Sprint methodology. It ensured an efficient development process. Early feedback loops with AURUM Fit proved instrumental in identifying and rectifying potential issues, contributing to a seamless development journey.

The Coaching App's impact has been significant:

  • Increased productivity for AURUM Fit coaches, tripling data management efficiency.
  • Improved real-time customer-coach interaction, allowing swift recommendations.
  • The successful execution of the Coaching App instilled trust, leading to further collaborative projects with AURUM Fit.
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The Result

The tangible outcomes of our efforts have been remarkable. The application's impact is evident as hundreds of AURUM Fit coaches now utilize it for their daily operations. The efficiency of data management for coaches has significantly increased, as the app automates numerous tasks. All these efforts led to smoother customer-coach communication, enabling real-time recommendations. Our timely and effective delivery earned us AURUM Fit's trust, subsequently leading to the commissioning of two more applications. Our contribution has been pivotal in enhancing the Coaching App's success and cultivating a lasting partnership with AURUM Fit.

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We are a global team of experts. Our goal is to set tomorrow's wide industry benchmarks today. We always live up to our values.
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