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Hyyype is an AI assistant writing tool designed for marketers of all kinds, including content marketers, blog writers, email marketers, and social media marketers. It helps create content with a few prompts. It takes briefs for every content piece to tailor to every brand's specific needs. It includes content for email, social media, blog posts and so much more.Just enter the prompts and get loaded with ideas as AI takes charge of all the content generation.
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Easy to use
It is a user-friendly platform that makes it for everyone. From professional marketers to beginners, people with minimum experience can generate excellent content.
Improved quality
One of the key features has to be its quality content. It generates content that resonates with your brand's audience.
Increases productivity
You can get more done with the help of AI. With just a few taps, you get done with all your marketing stuff.
Project requirements

HYYYPE approached us with a vision to create a powerful website that could generate marketing content for brands by leveraging AI. They had the following key requirements that we were more than ready to deliver on.

  • First and foremost, HYYYPE needed a brand setup feature that would make configuring their tool easy.
  • Next for content generation, an AI-driven content generation engine to give the users what it promised, compelling marketing content!
  • To develop a streamlined product data management feature that would give HYYYPE easy access to essential product information to generate fantastic content.
  • A user-friendly website design that was both visually stunning and intuitively easy to use was essential.
  • Finally, an intuitive subscription model increased user likeability and added up to a delightful user experience.
  • With these requirements in mind, we set out to create a website that would revolutionize the way brands create marketing content.
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Our Approach

At OCloud Solutions, we adopted a holistic approach to address HYYYPE's requirements effectively.

  • We prioritized User Interface/Design to provide HYYYPE with a clear vision of the website’s final look and feel. This aligned our process and expectations, ensuring a well-scoped project.
  • We used agile methodology to ensure client satisfaction and timely feedback. With regular demos at the end of each sprint, we facilitated swift iterations and resolved feedback promptly. This collaborative approach allowed us to incorporate all requirements seamlessly into the final product.
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Project success

The following was achieved with the deliverables:

  • During the development phase, we encountered a challenge with the OpenAI models' content generation speed. Speed is an important parameter for the success of the website. To overcome this, our team explored various models tailored to different use cases, significantly accelerating content generation.
  • To enhance the creative workflow and give more options to HYYYPE users, we implemented parallel processing, empowering users to obtain multiple outputs from a single brief.
  • To have a workable subscription model for HYYYPE, our team added a credit-based subscription model. Under this model, each user subscribes to a monthly/yearly plan and gets credits. These are then used for generating content. With this model, the user can determine the use of the app according to their content needs.
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The Result

Through our combined efforts, we successfully delivered the HYYYPE website on time. Within a few months, the website gained tremendous traction, with over 1000 active users. This milestone not only showcased the shared accomplishments of the HYYYPE and OCloud Solutions teams but also reinforced the stability and reliability of our product.

With minimal reported issues, our seamless product delivery empowered HYYYPE to harness the website's full potential. By leveraging our expertise in user-centric design, agile development, and innovative AI solutions, we helped HYYYPE revolutionize the content generation landscape for brand marketing.

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